About MicroWare Technology

MicroWare Technology provides embedded design & product development services.

For 20 years, we have been catering to clients with diverse requirements including Biomedical Instruments, Data Communications, Data Acquisition, Consumer Electronics, Computer Peripherals, Deeply Embedded Solutions.

In addition to product development, we also represent and/or distribute products & tools from the companies listed above.


Our services include the following (up to and including complete turnkey solutions):


Embedded design services:


Hardware design


System/Subsystem design & schematic capture


Board design & layout


LCD (or other) panel design & layout


Software programming




Application (PC & Embedded)


Product development services:


Assistance in Product Definition


System Integration


Hardware development


Procurement assistance


Assistance in Fabrication/Manufacture


As part of our services, we represent and/or distribute the same development, debug, and communication tools used by our engineers:

CATC Inc. I-Logix

USB / USB 2.0, Bluetooth, InfiniBand, Serial ATA, SCSI, Fibre Channel, PCI Express, 1394(Firewire) Protocol Analyzers, Traffic Generators, connectivity and production / manufacturing tools

Rhapsody® -
A UML 2.0 based Model-Driven Development (MDD) environment that fully integrates and automates the systems and software engineering processes and tasks in order to achieve a fully deployable system.
iNotion -
A product life cycle management (PLM) portal for systems and software that integrates product teams by providing instant and controllable access to both development artifacts and product management services.


C Compilers, Debuggers, Kernels / RTOS for 8x51 / 251 / 166, ST10

Emulators and Debuggers for 8x51 / 251 / 51XA / 166 / 196 / 296, 68HC11 / 12 / 16 / 3xx, ST10, M16C, ARM, AVR, MICROBLAZE, IP2K, SX

Tasking Inc. Cosmic Software

C/C++ Compilers and Debuggers for 8x51 / 251 / 51XA / 166 / 196 / 296, 68HC05 / 08 / 0xx / 3xx / PowerPC, 56xxx, 96002, NEC 77016, TriCore, ST10, M16C, MIPS R3000/R4000

Providing highly-optimized target support for Motorola Microprocessors including 68HC05, 68HC08, 6809, 68HC11, 68HC12, 68HC16, CPU32/ CPU32+.


Windows based software for Flash programming via serial port for both boot and application firmware


As part of any purchase from MicroWare, we can supply you with baseline, non-proprietary code and schematics (furnished at no additional cost) that have been developed in-house by our engineers.

The sample code and schematics include examples and techniques for:


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